We love developing creative ideas and marketing strategies for small businesses. We help businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies that get results.

We are a fun-loving, friendly but focused group of seasoned corporate professionals that have a passion for small business. We help plan and execute the tactics to achieve a broad range of business objectives. Our goal as small business consultants is to provide a service that is professional, flexible but above all 100% value for money. If you would like to work with a friendly, professional and highly creative team to drive your business forward .



We help businesses identify goals, develop a plan and implement effective marketing & business strategies that get results.

​It begins with strategy: understanding where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there. A clear and well-defined strategy will enable you to achieve your marketing goals - whether that’s increasing sales, driving traffic to your website, boosting profits, or delighting customers.


We offer a wide range of services


business planning, business process, project management, product management


advertising, branding, media planning, copy writing/content , public relations, sales promotion, event management


social media, search marketing, web design, web development, web management



We are your customers, your friends and your neighbors. We are entrepreneurs, corporate employees and small business owners.

We have an exceptionally talented group of folks with skills in marketing and business. Our extensive experience in wall street and main street allow us to provide you with the best strategies and tactics to achieve your business goals without breaking your budget. Our team have the perfect combination of natural talents, skills & passion that allow us to deliver meaningful results in practically any project that we work on.​​.

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Pia Miranda

Jack of all trades, master of some  |  pia@piamiranda.com Mom of 2 awesome girls, married to the guy I fell in-love with in HS, own a restaurant, small business advocate for Downtown Leesburg, design and sew multi-way / convertible clothing and make organic stuff…       LOVE & PASSION I love developing and designing stuff and […]

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Melissa Brady

Artsy Fartsy, Tech Geek, Ghostwriter           LOVE & PASSION I love art! Whether its an oil painting from one of the masters like Monet or street art like Banksy. I love the aesthetic beauty, the process to create a masterpiece and in some cases, the underlying message. Combining art with function […]

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